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DouDou ′s First Concert in London

"Light up the world" with songs DouDou′s First Concert in London

DouDou, a lead singer of the children's version of the Beijing Olympic Games Theme Song which is called" you and me", will give her young blessing to the London Olympics. 08-Aug-2012, "Light up the world - 2012 DouDou London Olympics concert” will be held in Hackney Empire Theatre.
The concert will be hosted by the China International Culture Exchange Center and supported by Beijing Olympic City Development Association.China International Culture and Art Company and Beijing Long Legacy International Communication will undertake this concert. This is "unprecedented" in China for the first time. We haven't held such an international individual solo-performance concert of Children Since China's reform and opening up foreign exchange performances in the past three decades.
London Olympics slogan is "inspire a generations"
The IOC senior officials invited DouDou to United Kingdom"
London Olympic Games which aattracts all the worldwide`s attention will open on July 27. London Olympics slogan is "inspire a generations". The London Olympic China Culture Week,, will be held at the Hackney Empire Theatre from 08-Agu-2012 to 12-Agu-2012. It is the first performance of this London Olympic China Culture Week. This is also an international exchange activities of Olympic education from another angle .A warm invitation letter from Gerhard Heiberg contributes to Doudou`s music journey to London:
Dear DouDou,
I wish you good luck and every success for your upcoming concert in London.
You will be performing on the 8 August. This is an important date, as it marks the anniversary of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It will give the people in China and all over the world the occasion to remember these truly exceptional Games.
The cultural programme of the Olympic Games is of great importance. Through your concert, you will have the opportunity to build a bridge between young people in the UK and China.
The motto of the London 2012 Olympic Games is “Inspire a Generation”. I am confident that you already inspire a generation in China and now will be able to inspire a generation across the world.
Yours sincerely,
Gerhard Heiberg
"You will set up a bridge between Chinese and British young people", "you will inspire generations all over the world", Heiberg,the representative of Olympic Games, said to Doudou in a video.
According to what the organizers said , it is "unprecedented" for a 12-year-old Chinese girl's who held an independent special concert in a foreign country for the first time. That is just how Doudou inspires a generation. During London Olympics ,an important moment in history, DouDou will be certain to bring her versatility, pure voice into full play to show how a new generation of China rises up and healthily grows, showing the style of "Young China"
DouDou`s London concert is coming
Declan traveled long distances to cheer Doudou up
In today's conference, a mystery guests showed up. He gave the London Olympic Mascots to DouDou, and said warmly , "Welcome to London!” He is Declan • Galbraith who is very popular in Europe, a household young singer in the United Kingdom .
Declan won fame young just as DouDou did.When he was 10 years old, he released his first solo album.British media evaluated him as a lifelong rare singing wizards. May of 2008 before the Beijing Olympic Games, Declan came to China and held concerts in Beijing and Shenzhen, giving his blessing to the Beijing Olympics. Therefore, Declan also has many young fans in China.
"During the Beijing Olympic Games, DouDou emerged to be perceived by the public.Her image becomes like the sun light after the baptism of singing in the one year anniversary Beijing Olympics.Her clear and bright voice and sincere and generous performance make me impressed."Jiang Ling said. (Jiang Ling is the General Manager of the China International Culture Exchange Center which is the Organizer of DouDou London concert)
Jiangling believes that if the 12 years old girl DouDou sings with the 20 years old boy Declan ,they will surely inspire a generation just as the London Olympics slogan says.
Declan traveled long distances to Beijing to cheer for DouDou’s London concert. During the news conference, Declan sang Michael Jackson's classic song "we are the world" with Doudou , which was highly spoken of by the media reporters.
Deluxe cheer group to reassert DouDou’s popularity
"jealous"Jackie Chan's ; cheering from Andy Lau ;advice from  Zhang Yimou and blessing from Zhang Ziyi
The news that 12-year-old DouDou will hold a concert in London shocked many stars in various arts fields .This lucky girl got dozens of blessing. International superstar Jackie Chan sent his funny videos to DouDou for congratulation."I know that the International Olympic Committee invites our Doudou to give a concert during the Olympic Games in London. I am very, very jealous, because she is so lucky to have her own concert in London at such a yong age.why not me?However, it doesn't matter. DouDou represents me as well.I am satisfied. Here, I wish your concert success! Great success! Refuel Ah! ”
Heavenly King Andy Lau still smiles gently, "Hello, DouDou! Long time no sees! I heard that they had invited you to sing in London.I am so glad to see you grow up day by day .I’m really happy for your luck. I'm here for you: come on! ”
Director Zhang Yimou is in a serious face.After expressing his good wishes to Doudou, he giving his advice. "you will be pressured, but as long as you concentrate on doing your work, the concert is sure to be succeeded!”
Zhang Ziyi's message revealing a cordial: "Young DouDou, you have kept on trying in these years. You make everyone see your growth, we are very happy for you. Wish you success in your concert in London! Good Luck! ”
Singing with passion from dreams,
DouDou served as the little envoy of CCTV’s dream choir
Beijing and London are sister cities of hosting the Olympic Games. As a little envoy of CCTV’s dream choir, DouDou will also communicate with the local children about music and contribute to public charity.
The dream choir is a new annual TV activities of CCTV1,which makes full use of its first media advantage to record the process of stars and the ordinary who make efforts for the realization of the public good dream.It is a competition of team spirit ,collaboration and cohesion.This is also an inspirational program about how to make personal dreams and collective values coordinated .
According to the London Olympics theme, dream choir will begin a travel among the Sino-British young people for the first time. Because of the invitation from the International Olympic Committee, Dream choir will send DouDou as the small envoy to sing with his British friends Declan • Galbraith, the world singing prodigy, for the Olympic dream in his hometown.
The poster- “world in the eyes"was designed by masters
The theme song "light up the world" released warmly                                      
According to reports, it is only 3.1 km from the main venue of the Olympic Games in London to Hackney Empire Theatre.The theatre is in an elegant style, simple and unsophisticated. The repertoire arrangements of DouDou’s concert fits the five colors of the Olympic rings, Green Garden, blue skies, Magnificent Ocean ... ... Singing for peace, friendship, hope and dreams.
Wang Pingjiu,a famous planning experts and songwriter ,is the planner of this concert as well. He cooperated with Shilei Chang , who is a talented musicians in China,creating the theme song of the concert. Mr. Wang believes that children's voice is natural, sincere, and more ccaptivate.
The design of the concert`s poster is full of creativity.It was designed by a famous architect named Xuefeng Bi. DouDou is dressed in a white veil, with an angelic calm face, surrounded by musical staff . A beautiful multicolored Phoenix is next to her, not only a symbol of lighting up the world, but also a connotation of talant.
 "I have heard DouDou singing. Her voice is free of impurities as the sounds of nature, very pure and sweet. This little girl has a gift in both professional singing and painting. Her precious genius impressed me most. Therefore, the design of the poster focus on the desire of Doudou ,who is trying to communicate with the world to express her dreams in music. White is the main color scheme of the poster. Doudou gets a musical staff in her hands, which makes her look like an angel.The poster wants to show how Douou travels in the colorful music world and shares the beauty of music and dreams with the whole world. This is just what the Olympic dream demands ". Mr. Bi said. Journalists also learn that the Phoenix next to Doudou was drawn by herself. She has been into painting since young; Mr. Bi puts it subtly in the poster.