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Tai Ji

When ultimately speedy, it is slow; When ultimately stunning, it is black and white.


After three years in the making, from one of the world's top martial arts choreography teams comes an unforgettable kung fu experience!

Based on the principles of taiji and other age-old secrets, these zen masters will demonstrate their amazing skills,revealing right before your eyes what is possible through the balance of yin and yang!



A traveler, exhausted physically and mentally from giving performances all over the world, hopes to find his source of energy. Summoned by the Tai Ji Diagram, he goes to the Orient and meets the mythical Red Bird. Guided by the Red Bird, the traveler enters the realm of Tai Ji and embarks upon a fascinating adventure. After conquering numerous dangers and difficulties and meeting with many masters of Tai Ji boxing, the traveler meets the Great Tai Ji Master, from whose hand he receives the Energy Ball, his own source of energy, and at the same time integrates Tai Ji into his life.