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Van Gogh Alive (Beijing)

“Van Gogh Alive” Immersive Projection Art Exhibition


-more than 3,000 HD images concerning Van Gogh’s works

-360 degree “Reviving” the masterpieces of the master one hundred year ago in full view

-a static & dynamic breath-taking visual feast

-90 days, 160,000 audience, 19 offline activities, and 2000 media reports

-“Most Popular Item” Award in 2015 Beijing Design Week

-Awarded with 2015 Beijing Cultural Innovation & Development Special Subsidy

-Special report of People’s Daily: “Immersive Projection Art: Enlivening the Masterpieces”

Create “New Exhibition Pattern”, adopt “Public Art Space” to build urban cultural ecological circle, and committed to spread Chinese culture all over the world by the means of technology

Without the constraint of frame, the works of Van Gogh are amplified by more than 40 HD projectors with the same proportion to be projected onto a 5-meter wall or onto the floor where the audience stand. The Australian SENSORY4TM multi-screen immersive projection technology is adopted to create an IMAX space with multi-channel dynamic images and surround sound, so as to give the audience an opportunity to live a whole life of Van Gogh within 30 minutes, and immerse the audience in the spirit of the time brought by limitless art world and technology.

This is not a stationary experience of visiting an exhibition, but the audience needs to bring out every sense from heart to that of limbs to have a conversation with Van Gogh through time and space. The audience is ushered in by the “Spring” from Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” to enjoy Van Gogh’s masterpieces accompanied by the classic music of his time. The audience can stand on the petals of Van Gogh’s Sunflower of one hundred year ago, or stand at the Starry Night river bank of one century ago, or steps on that path before the café… through the perfect blending of technology and art, the elements extracted out of the works through special effects are dynamically arranged to reproduce the vivid landscape as seen by Van Gogh long time ago, so that the audience can be immersed in the double light & shadow effects of work and reality and get in touch with the bright and immortal color deep inside the heart of the artist. Here begins the experience journey of meeting Van Gogh with your inner mind…