China International Culture & Arts Company


China International Culture & Arts Co. Ltd (CICAC) was registered in 1990. It is a large-scale professional national agency focusing on cultural performances and shows. CICAC is devoted to promote a long-term cooperation with cultural agencies both at home and abroad. With the cultural concept of “Creative China”, CICAC has successfully produced numerous outstanding Chinese cultural programs, such as Huan Ge: Solo concerts of Liu Huan, Shock: Cross-border cooperation tenor, Mulan: Opera, Solo Concerts of HUADAN Li Yugang, Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival: Multimedia concerts, THE WORLD ON THE TOP OF FINGER: PIPA soloist of China National Orchestra, TAIJI: Grand Stage Show, Van Gogh Alive and La Nova etc. CICAC takes advantage of its internal resources to produce and distribute music, movies, audio-visual products and exhibitions. Meanwhile, CICAC also supplies of foreign performance qualification service which includes application for performance permits,  and so on. Its complete product and service chaincovering theentireextending and planning of artistic performance and cultural exchange market in the world, CICAC has adopted a customer-oriented approach by differentiating diversified needs and built its sound branding.

Since its establishment, CICAC has held thousands of performances and shows, touring in nearly one hundred countries and over fifty regions. By now, CICAC has invited more than five hundreds groups to China to preform, that includs the world-class artists and art groups from different parts of the world, such as Montserrat Caballe, Lorin Maazel, Seiji Ozawa, Julio Iglesias, John Denver, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Ivo Pogorelich, Pinchas Zukerman, Eric Heidsieck, Richard Clayderman, Suede, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, VITAS, GLAY, ARASHI,LENOP Lenoir, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Mantovani Orchestra, Philips Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic, Russian Alexandrov Red Army Chorus, and Tapies. At the same time, CICAC has also hosted the special performance for singers and bands from China and overseas, which includes Liu Huan, Sun Nan, Liao Changyong, Super Girl, HAYA and lots of Hong Kong & Taiwan singers and actors, such as Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, Emil Wakin Chau, Jonathan Lee, Lee-hom Wang, Jeff Chang, A-mei Chang, Leon Lai Ming, Christian Rand Phillips, CoCo Lee, and concert, fans meeting of Korean star Jung JiHoon(Rain), Lee MinHo and Jang WooHyuk etc.